Facebook Profile PicHello to all students of ALC708!!

This site has been designed to provide key learning resources for your studies in Social Media Content Creation. This should prove a more efficient and effective way for me to share and for you to access the various videos, podcasts, blogs, and so on that will be essential to engage with throughout the trimester. You can even subscribe to this site for email updates.

However, there will still be some crucial materials (such as assignment instructions documents) that you will need to download from CloudDeakin, so please:

Be sure to check the unit site on CloudDeakin regularly as well!!

And of course, most unit interactions – and many more unit-relevant resources – can be found via the #ALC708 unit hashtag on Twitter.

You may find this style of teaching with real world social media confusing at first, but give yourself a bit of time to get used to it and you will see exactly why we do things this way.

Have a great learning experience, and enjoy yourself… you’re about to find out these can be exactly the same thing! 🙂


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